Jess is an experienced practitioner who enjoys finding how to help you improve your health and sense of well-being. She uses Therapeutic Massage and Craniosacral Therapy to help your body change and adapt.

Massage Therapy

Massage gives pain relief for many people and eases physical, emotional and mental stress. I have worked with clients who have had a wide range of conditions. Many have found relief from pain and some a long term solution to the issue.

It is often helpful to come for a course of treatments initially so that changes can become established and underlying causes addressed. Many people then come for a regular session to 'top up' and help them to feel their best. I have started working with people going through major life changes and these clients have reported finding help from the support that I give them.

At the first appointment I will ask you about your current situation and medical history and check that you are under medical supervision for any serious condition. We can then decide what you would like in the session.

I then get the couch ready for you. For massage with oil, underwear only is worn; for craniosacral therapy you just need to be in comfortable clothes. During the session I will make sure you are settled, warm and relaxed. There is no need to chat, but I will ask you how you are getting on and discuss the treatment with you. At the end of the session there is time for you to come to slowly and ask any questions.

Jess works confidently and intuitively and the sessions vary. Depending on how I was feeling and how, where and what type of therapy was applied I have left feeling grounded and centred, or energised and refreshed, or deliciously languorous.

I have been having massage therapy with Jess on an irregular basis for five years and have learned a good deal about what makes my body tick and how to work with it. This has all combined to make my body, which is displaying symptoms of 'wear and tear', considerably more at ease physically.

I have happily recommended Jess to others whose reasons for having massage or cranial sacral therapy naturally differ to my own and they, too, have been pleased.


I use massage therapy to help with many conditions, especially for muscle and joint pain and to reduce the effects of stress. A fortnightly or monthly massage is a great way to keep on top of daily life if you find things can become too much for you.

Craniosacral Therapy

I use craniosacral therapy, as well as therapeutic massage, to help the natural healing ability of the body. Our bodies normally heal by themselves from physical injury, disease and emotional upset. This can take a while and sometimes the process gets stuck; or something else happens before the first injury has healed fully; or we cause another issue as we adapt to the initial problem. As we live our lives we heal and adapt remarkably well to the many experiences life brings us.

There can often be a residue of tension in even the oldest of injuries which we don't notice any more. This can often be relieved and the whole body become easier. This can be especially helpful for traumatic injuries such as car and motorbike accidents or falls.

Life-force or bioenergy organises growth and healing in all living things. I believe that craniosacral therapy can help the body’s bioenergy to encourage change as needed and wanted. This can be especially useful where the energy has become restricted or unable to flow causing illness and pain. Injury, emotional upset and mental and physical stress can disrupt the bioenergetic patterns and these difficulties can then remain trapped in the body’s tissues. Gentle touch and listening can create space for the body to deal with these issues and rebalance throughout the whole system may occur.

My first few massages with Jess were of the conventional type, then she suggested craniosacral massage. I was guided by her experience of my body and interested in what this form of massage might offer.

I find the craniosacral therapy to be deeply relaxing: it seems to search my body for the parts that would like some attention, locate them and gently encourage them to let go. For me this type of massage reaches further than a conventional massage. It touches physical and emotional depths and seems to incorporate a 'whole body’ experience. I find that the effects are longer lasting and the process feels more cumulatively healing from session to session. For me, the experience connects my mind and body which I find holistically nurturing.


There may be times when this is uncomfortable or painful as you unwind and find new places that are easier. In other sessions you might feel sleepy, or emotional, or not very much at all! Some people have many layers of patterns which they want to work with and this could need a series of treatments until they are satisfied we have got to the root of things. Some then carry on with a regular 'top-up' session whenever it suits them.

Craniosacral therapy is very gentle and many parents choose it when they are concerned about their baby or child. It is also great during and after pregnancy. I am very happy to see families together and can make an appointment on a Saturday if this is more convenient.

I also work with people who want support for long term issues or who are experiencing major change in their lives. Regular sessions can be a way to deal with this and relax away from the pressures around them. Some people come monthly, some every few months - each person is different.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them find ways to improve their health and reduce ongoing difficulties and pain. Please contact me to see how I can help.

Craniosacral therapy deeply relaxes me. I don't realise how tense I am until I have a session with Jess. Then everything settles back into the place it is supposed to be.


All testimonials are from clients who have worked with me, some of them over a number of years. These are their words and are entirely their own opinion and feelings about their sessions with me.

I can offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation in person or on the phone, or you can book in for an initial session to experience how I work.

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I work at The Bergamot Room. Please book using the booking buttons on this page, or you contact me by email to discuss your situation or make an appointment.

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